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YOX Water Flosser is an oral care device designed to be small and portable, easy to use and convenient for every user. Beng the size of a lipstick or a small pen, YOX has a chic design with safe materials made of PC and TPE. YOX uses ultrasonic production technology, secondary injection molding, and vacuum plating to manufacture the structure of the product. The small structure retains the function of the device to release pressured water and remove food substance in between the teeth. YOX strive to be the smallest functional yet appealing water flosser in the market.

Built to be small and compact, YOX can be taken anywhere. It is great for people who travel frequently for business trips or vacations because the device doesn’t consume a lot of space in your bag, yet gives you the essential need for oral care. 

YOX can reprint 60ML of mouthwash or tap water at a time, and it can quickly clean your teeth within 15s~20s. It is convenient for you to clean your teeth whenever and wherever you go out, and its small size does not affect your image at all, even in restaurants or public place.

Parts list

1*Waterproof bag 

2*Nozzle head



Material: food grade PC+TPE

Waterproof level: IP65

Water tank capacity: 60ml

Switch mode: touch/point pressure

Water jet power: 70PSI

Battery capacity: 400mAh

Use time: 15~20S

Voltage: 5V/1A

Operating procedures

Step 1: Open the transparent protective cover and gently pull out the internal host from the transparent shell. Then open the side door, gently take out the nozzle and insert it into the corresponding slot of the host.

Step 2: Turn the nozzle of the fuselage upside down, buckle the valve to inject water, close the lid of the water injection port, and turn the whole fuselage around.

Step 3: Gently press the power button on the host once to use it. Press again to close

Note: The transparent protective cover can also be used as a base when our machine is placed on the desktop.

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