ortable Mobile phone stents A5 Universal Car Air Vent Outlet Mount Clamp Smart Induction 10W Wireless Charger Phone Holder Bracket

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Automotive air conditioning holder back clip, smart induction wireless charging mobile phone bracket

Material: PC+ABS vacuum electroplating
Induction distance: 0-8mm
Product size: 12.3cm*7.3cm2.1cm
Input voltage: 5V/2A,9V1.67A
Output power: 10W charge
Electric power rate: 110K-205khz

Stability: The triangular structure design is adopted. The fixed clamps and metal bottom supports on both sides of the vehicle bracket can fully support the mobile phone, resist pressure and not easily deform, ensuring the stability of the mobile phone placement. The fixed clamps on both sides have the function of automatic induction extension, suitable for a variety of mobile phone sizes, no matter small or large size mobile phone can be easily handled.

Safety: The intelligent sensing function of the intelligent sensor and on-board wireless charger facilitates the use of the driver in the driving process. One-handed control can reduce tedious actions, and it can pick and place in seconds without blocking the driver's view.

Practicability: The bracket can be rotated 360 degrees at will. It can be used vertically and horizontally to meet the best Angle of view. At the same time, it also supports wireless fast charging function, which can be charged even when wearing the mobile phone case, to ensure that the driver will not lose power during the navigation process.

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