3 in 1 5W wireless charger Bluetooth speaker LED lamp multi-function

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Product name: L4 intelligent power acousto-optic lamp

Bluetooth version: 4.2

Material: ABS.

Speaker: 4 Ω, 3 w, 40 mm

USB LED Mood light: 7LED warm light / 7LED white light

LED lamp brightness: 48LM±2

Maximum power of wireless charger: 5/10W (optional)

USB power input: 5V / 3A

Equipped with 1X passive radiator, strong woofer

Knowing how to simplify your life is one of the most effective ways to improve your quality of life. This lamp sets the function and minimizes the service life, which is inconvenient for us to use, but also maximizes the function of the product. We can try it!

1. LED light function

At the touch of a button, the bulb comes in three color modes: cold light, warm light and mixed light.

You can also adjust the brightness of the LED lights so that the scene will change regardless of your mood.

2. Bluetooth speaker function

After connecting the product to the USB cable for power, the Bluetooth function will automatically start, turn on the Bluetooth device, wait for the Bluetooth speaker to successfully match with the device, and then you can play music on the speaker at will. The speakers are equipped with a 3W speaker system, which enables you to hear sound quality, loudness and excellent timbre in the room.

3. Wireless charging

Put the mobile phone that supports wireless charging flat on the product's wireless charging area, and the white wireless charging indicator starts to flash slowly. Then the mobile phone can enter the charging state, which is a good news for lazy people. There is no need to find the charging cable when the mobile phone is not powered off. Use the L4 touch control wireless charging lamp speaker, you can easily place and charge. Small products can meet a variety of needs.

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