Aladdin Studio

Welcome to Aladdin Studio

Aladdin Studio is a professional photography services business created with one purpose - to bring to customers the best shopping experience one can get with aesthetics and good design. In other words, we would like to delight our customers with tastefully crafted art and imagery.

With State-of-the-art lighting and camera equipment, we provide professional photography services for your product items. From simple food packets, clothing to boutique jewellery, we are equipped to take beautiful shots to make products attractive and sellable over our Site.

Quality of the work produced is ensured and consistently at its best with our photographer, Leo Simon. Simon is a professional photographer and editor who has extensive experience in covering a wide range of events, and accumulated a portfolio with highlights including major government conferences as well as VIP guest appearances.

Simon has over 40 years of experience in all aspects of photography including:

1.           Event coverage (eg ASEAN summits CEO summit)
2.           Ministerial visits/protocol meetings
3.           Foreign President and Ministers’ State visit to Singapore
4.           VIP Visits
5.           Portrait photography
6.           Group photography (including logos and names)
7.           Overseas projects & seminars

Also, Simon has extensive experience dealing with various government ministries for photography assignments. They include:

1.           Ministry of Foreign Affairs
2.           Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports
3.           Ministry of Trade and Industrial
4.           Singapore Armed Forces
5.           Singapore Police Force/Traffic Police

In addition to the standard product photography services, Aladdin Studio also offers professional event photography support.

Interested parties please contact Simon at +65 6849 9300.