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Maruti Golden Bean 40g - 4 Flavours (Buy 5 get 1 FREE!)

  • Crunchy and Flavourful Golden Beans
  • Available in: Classic, Original, Paprika, Tom Yum
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    • Flavour Classic Original Paprika TomYum
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    • Weight 40.00 Gram
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    Product Specifications

    • Brand: Maruti
    • No Cholesterol
    • High Protein
    • No GMO
    • No MSG
    • Available in: Classic, Original, Paprika, Tom Yum

    Product Details

    A Thai riddle: what have 2 legs walking but when stops and settles down has 6 legs?
    Yes, it is about Thai story of Fried Mung Bean: a long time favorite snack for kids and adults.

    Here, Maruti has recreated this snack in the healthier way with a full of flavors, freshness, and quality. This scrumptiously delicious bean snacks will leave you speechless, stunned, and overjoyed. Come to try healthy natural MARUTI !! Zero Cholesterol & Low Sodium


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