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Iodine Aqua 200ml

Iodine Aqua is a naturally iodine rich water that comes from a depths of 533m . The unique composition and naturally high iodine content means that only a tiny daily dose provides adequate iodine supply . Bottled at source , it contains no additives or preservatives, and has not undergone any treatment. Totally 100% natural iodine supplement. 200ml provides adequate supply for 3-6 months.

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Why is iodine important:

Iodine is essential for the synthesis of thyroid hormones by the thyroid gland. Iodine is necessary for normal energy metabolism, normal cognitive function and the maintainence of normal skin.  

Safe for Mothers & Mothers to be:

Bottled at source from a natural spring well that has stable and optimal iodine content for the increased iodine requirements of pregnant women.  

As Iodine Aqua is found over half a kilometer below the surface, it it safely locked away from pollution. 

100% Natural 

The iodine Aqua philosophy is very simple: 

"Provide what Mother Nature provides.  No additives ,  No Preservatives , No chemical or microbiological treatments.  Provide 100% natural liquid iodine ." 

Medical perks with the purchase of each Iodine Aqua:

Consultation fee $15 nett island wide (over 100 GP and TCM) and 20-40% discount for Dental island wide for a year.

Symptoms of low iodine levels : 

Unusual weight gain , constipation, hair loss, depression, slowed mental processes, poor memory ,  feeling cold ( even on warm days) , thick puffy skin, puffiness of the face, weak , slow heart beat,  dry skin, lethargy and tiredness, enlarged thyroid or goitre 

Directions : 

Mix it with water, juice or tea. 

Below 5 years : 0.5ml daily 

Over 13 years : 1.5ml daily 

Pregnant or Nursing Women : 2ml daily 



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