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lcosa Wireframe Pendant Lamp (White)

  • Dimensions 34 x 34 x 34cm
  • Weights 830g
  • Assembly needed
  • Comes with 20 triangle units, 30 rubber bands and 1 cable lock
  • Create your own masterpiece


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Product Specification:
1x Icosa Wireframe Pendant Lamp White

Icosa Wireframe Pendant Lampshade is a fun creative way to decorate your living space. Assemble the triangles and connect them for a striking lampshade, or let your imagination run free and assemble your own creation. Create a pendant lampshade, your own creation or even use the pieces to create a wall partition, decoration or wall light. Combine different kits together and create your own masterpiece.

Put your childhood block building creativity to good use!


No reviews yet