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A1 Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser 100 ml

Air Humidifier/ Purifier/ 7-Color LED Light, 4 Hours Mist, Auto Off, Super Quiet


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  •        1 x Aroma Diffuser 
  •        1 x 3-Pin Charger Adaptor 
  •        1 x Measuring cup for filling water 
  •        1 x User Manual 
  •        Free 1 Month Warranty

This multi-purposes aromatherapy essential oil diffusers/humidifier/purifier is perfect for bedroom, air-conditioning room, office, baby room, hotel, spa, yoga and etc.

It helps to uplift your mood and relieve your stress. Lovely fragrance shields you from stubborn smoking, haze, dirty air particles and pet odor.

Relieve your stress

This ultrasonic aroma diffuser releases your favorite fragrance by ionizing essential oil and produces negative ions which helps you to lift your mood and discharge pressure in scented and fresh air.

Humidify and purify air

This aroma diffuser turns water and essential oil into micro-particles to moisturizes and refreshes the quality of air we breathe, which helps to alleviate colds/flu and congestion symptoms.

Ultrasonic Technology

With ultrasonic waves, this aroma humidifier will not influence your work and sleep without vibration and heating.

Colorful mood light

7 changing mood light is available that you can choose the color you like or let it changing by themselves to make your space romantic.

Auto-off system

Monitor the capacity of the water and shut-off automatically when water runs out of to ensure safety.

Mist Control 
Press the "Mist" button, choose the timer from 60 mins, 120 mins, 180 mins or ON. 

Light Control 
Press the "Light" button to turn on the LED light, the color will change automatically. Press the "Light" button again to fix the color. Press the "Light" button again to change color. If you need to turn it off please long press the button for one second. 

High/Low Control 
Adjust the spray intensity (beep once means strong, twice means weak) 


Please add water below the Max line. 
Before press the "MIST or On" button, please ensure that you have added water into the tank. 


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