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Melvados Premium Pistachio 475g

Full-bodied ice cream made with real pistachio paste specially flown in from Italy.


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  • Dimension L10.00 x D10.00 x H11.00 CM
  • Weight 475.00 Gram
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Product Specifications

1 x 475g of Melvados Premium Pistachio

Product Details

Allergy Warnings: All our products may contain traces of nuts

Country of Origin: Singapore

About the Product:  The Melvados Pistachio Ice Cream is back! Made from fresh pistachio paste flown in specially from Italy, this ice cream holds nothing back with its flavor and texture.

Ingredients of Love

The promise to produce and sell food of the highest quality has driven us to all parts of the world to source for the finest ingredients. From Mexico to Germany, Turkey to Thailand, we fly in ingredients and machines from over 15 countries ensuring that each step of the process is defined by only the best. 

Our sources are from people who we know and trust, ensuring consistent quality and integrity.

We have not and will never use any artificial preservatives or chemicals in any of our products.


Item arrived as expected. Ice cream was very creamy and flavorful, not too sweet. Value for money!
Reviewed by jasminetan on 2017-05-15 18:19:36