Soosul Silver Skin Refiner 130ml

This toner is infused with Sang-hwang mushroom extract and plant collagen that provides excellent moisturizing effect, helping skin to maintain its softness and smoothness.
SGD 48.00

Soosul Whitening Foam Cleansing 150ml

SGD 38.00

Soosul Sun-Block Cream 50ml

SGD 60.00

Soosul Whitening Sleeping Pack 120g

SGD 168.00

Soosul Whitening Emulsion 130ml

Contains Arbutin and Sang-hwang mushroom extract, this emulsion restores skin resilience, leaving it supple, soft and brighter with balanced skin tone.
SGD 68.00

Soosul Foam Cleansing 150ml

A rich lather foam cleanser that removes makeup residues and impurity effectively. Formulated with Sang-hwang mushroom extract and various natural Korean medicinal herbs, its antibacterial ability helps to prevent pimple, improves resilience and vitality of the skin.
SGD 33.00

Soosul Ginseng Cream 60g

SGD 198.00

Soosul Neck Cream 50ml

Contains highly concentrated sang-hwang mushroom extract and various natural medicinal herbs, this rich nutritious cream moisturizes, nourished your skin and helps to erase the fine lines on your neck, leaving it soft and supple.
SGD 65.00

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Soosul Hydrogel Essential Mask (25g x 6pcs)

This face mask is infused with the organic Sang-hwang mushroom extract (25mg), snail slime filtrate (250mg) and various Korean medicinal herbs that nourishes, brightens and hydrates your skin instantly to unveil a luminous, healthier, firmer skin.
SGD 60.00

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