Stainless Steel Matt Black Hip Flask

Hip Flask
SGD 14.00

Road Buddy Bottle

SGD 14.00

Portable Travel Tea Set

Tea Set for 2
SGD 35.00

Foldable Beverage Dispenser

Foldable Water Dispenser
SGD 15.00

Like Me- Thermos Flask

Thermos Flask
SGD 9.90

Titus Vacuum Flask

Vacuum Flask
SGD 22.00

Double Decker Transforming 2 in 1 Bottle

2 in 1 Bottle
SGD 12.00

Classic Suction Tumbler

Suction Tumbler
SGD 21.60

Grace Suction Mug

Suction Mug
SGD 23.20

Elephant Suction Mug

Suction Mug
SGD 34.40

Butterfly Suction Tumbler

Suction Tumbler
SGD 36.00

Metal Straw Set/ Stainless Steel Straw Set

Plastic straws are made in 10 minutes, used in 20 and remain on Earth forever since as they are not biodegradable. Plastics are so yesterday so switch to an environmentally friendly reusable straw!
SGD 13.50

Scholastic Spill-proof Soft Spout Cup (10oz)

No Spill spout is designed to prevent drips & spills
SGD 8.90

Munchkin Click Lock™ Replacement Straws with Valves (2 pack)

Pack of 2 silicone replacement straws
SGD 6.00

Munchkin Click Lock™ Weighted Flexi-Straw Cup (7oz)

Flip-top lid covers straw while on-the-go
SGD 13.90

Munchkin Mighty Grip® Trainer Cup (8oz)

Leak-free trainer cup with handles and soft silicone spout
SGD 11.90

Munchkin Mighty Grip® Flip Straw Cup (10oz)

Leak-free toddler cup with soft, silicone straw
SGD 11.90

Munchkin Click Lock™ Sippy Cup (9oz)

These innovative toddler cups feature a simple locking lid that closes to create a leak-proof seal
SGD 12.90

Munchkin Miracle® 360° Trainer Cup (7oz)

Toddler training cup with dentist recommended spoutless design
SGD 18.90

Munchkin Miracle® Stainless Steel 360° Sippy Cup (10oz)

The Miracle 360° Cup eliminates messes and supports kids’ dental health all at once
SGD 18.90

Munchkin Click Lock™ Replacement Straws with Valves - 2 Pack (Blue/Orange)

Pack of 2 silicone replacement straws
SGD 6.00

Borosilicate Glass Jug (1.5 Litre)

SGD 18.90

Transparent Water Bottle 380ml With Frabic Holder (Printing- My Bottle)

Transparent Water Bottle 380ml Heat Resistant Glass Bottle Printing: - Keep Calm And Carry On - I Love The World - Trust Me I'm Special - Don't Put Me Down Great for Gifts
SGD 7.90

Transparent Cup Set 450ml x 4 cups (Pink, Blue, Green, Black Colour)

Transparent Thick Glass Cup 450ml x 4 With Matching Colour metal cover, Colour Straw 4 Colours- Pink, Blue, Green, Black Pink Cup- Printing "It's Not Easy Being Perfect But Someone Has To Do It" Blue Cup- Printing "Born To Golf Forced To Work" Green Cup- Printing "You Don't Have To Be Crazy To Work To Work Here... But It Helps" Black Cup- Printing "World's Greatest Dad" Great for Gifts
SGD 16.90

Flat, Circular Water Bottle With Plastic Holder 300ml - With Cute Cat Printing

Flat, Circular Water Bottle With Rubber Holder 300ml Heat Resistant Glass Bottle Glass Bottle With Rubber wrapped around the Body Flat + Circular Bottle Sharp Cute Cat Printing Good for gift
SGD 12.90

0.8L Hot Flask

  • This oriental thermos flask brings us back in time once again.
  • It can keep water hot for up to 8hrs.
  • Definitely a rare find.
  • tags: 0.8L Hot Flask
  • SGD 46.90

    Portable Glass Water Bottle With Protective Bag 1000ml

    1. Material: High borosilicate glass, Food Grade, Eco-friendly and Durable.. 2. Heat proof Design: With Protective Bag and "Don't touch my glass" printed, make sure your hands not scald by hot water.. 3. Top Handle Design: With a silicone handle connected with lid and bottle, easy and convenient for you to carry out.. 4. Large Capacity: 1000ml, Enough for kids/youth/adult using in travel.
    SGD 16.90

    Tea Forte KATI Cup - Green Leaves

    Loose tea by the cup.....simple.
  • tags: tea forte kati cup halal natural beverages drink tea home living kitchen dining drinkware tumbler
  • SGD 48.69