London Taxi Balance Bike STL with brakes

Stylish and lightweight balance bicycle to help children aged 2 to 5 years old learn balance, coordination and steering, as well as build strength and motor skills.
SGD 158.00

Mini Razer 20" Hi Carbon Bicycle (Pearl White)

SGD 179.00

Mini Razer 20"(Shiny Black)(Hi Carbon) Bicycle

SGD 179.00

Hyper-XT 26" Aluminium Bicycle (Pearl White)

SGD 369.00

Hyper-XT 26" Hi Carbon Bicycle (Pearl White)

SGD 299.00

Hyper-XT Hi Carbon Foldable Mountain Sports Bicycle (Shinny Black)

  • Quick release for enhanced safety
  • Foldable pedals save even more space
  • Premium Quality tires prevents slipping
  • Quality breaks
  • Genuine Original Shimano Parts
  • No damage to crankset when folded and in an upright position
  • Magnesium Rims lighten the weight of the bicycle while increasing acceleration and better mileage
SGD 299.00

GTR Aluminium 20" foldable bicycle

GTR Aluminium 20" foldable bicycle
SGD 249.00