Wonderbag Universal Original vacuum bag x 5 - WB406130 Rowenta

  • Wonderbag Universal Original vacuum bag x 5 - WB406130.
  • Thanks to its UNIVERSAL patented adapter,
  • WONDERBAG can be used in most vacuum cleaners. -
  • filtration of 96% of microparticles* (pollen, mites, etc.) to reduce allergy risks, -
  • microfibre material for greater resistance (reduces the risk of splitting and bursting),
  • * % of the mass of particles
  • Pack of 5 classic Wonderbag dustbags
  • Highly resistant microfiber bags for optimal filtration of dust particles
  • For more efficient and longer lasting hoovering results
  • It takes seconds place into most cylinder vacuum cleaners
  • Reference : WB406130
SGD 22.90

ELECTROLUX Dust Bag E201B - Electrolux E201B S-bag® Classic Long Performance Vacuum Cleaner Dust bag [Packs of 4]

  • ELECTROLUX Dust Bag] E201B - Electrolux E201B S-bag®
  • Classic Long Performance Vacuum Cleaner Dust bag [Packs of 4]

SGD 22.90

Dyson Mattress Tool

  • Spares and replacement parts
  • Tools and accessories to fit majority of Dyson vacuum cleaners
  • Dyson
SGD 42.20


  • Suitable for Kärcher vacuum cleaners with water filter DS 5500 and DS 5600 AND DS 5400
  • Reliable filtering of allergy-causing pollen, fungal spores, bacteria and excretions of mites
  • Quick and easy change
SGD 59.00

karcher 6.414-631.0 eco intermediated pleated filter MOTOR PROTECTION FILTER WATER FILTER VACS

  • Washable intermediate filter retains tiny airborne particles such as dust particles and allergens contained in humid air.
  • Kärcher DS 5500
  • Kärcher DS 5600
  • Kärcher DS 5.800
  • Kärcher DS 6.000
SGD 78.00


  • Karcher T 450 Surface Cleaner for Outdoor
  • Black, YellowThis patio cleaner comes with an extra power nozzle enabiling you to easily clean corners and edges
  • This model also includes a protective grille for gravel surfaces, adjustable cleaning pressure for different surfaces, such as stone and wood.
  • The T450 also includes a handle for any vertical surfaces you may have
SGD 279.00


  • Original replacement to Oberwerkzeug for your vacuum cleaner.
  • Take precautions to repair all devices.
  • Genuine Dyson Part Number 91764601 917646-01 Top Up Tool for Dyson DC33 DC27 DC28 DC25 DC24 DC17 DC07
  • DC14 DC15 DC18 DC41 DC40 DC50 DC65 DC26 DC23 DC22 DC21 DC11 DC30 DC47 DC56 DC34 DC35 DC58 DC59
  • 44
  • Genuine replacement top up tool for your vacuum cleaner.
  • Genuine Dyson Part Number 91764601 917646-01 Vacuum Cleaner Top up Tool DC33 DC27 DC28 DC25 DC24 DC17
  • DC07 DC14 DC15 DC18 DC41 DC40 DC50 DC65 DC26 DC23 DC22 DC21 DC11 DC30 DC47 DC56 DC34 DC35 DC58
  • DC59 44
SGD 85.00

Kärcher 6.414-823.0 hepa filter for vc5200 vc5300

  • HEPA 12 filter
  • for Kärcher vacuum cleaner VC 5200, VC 5300
  • keeps pollen and allergens back
SGD 68.00

Bosch Type G MegaFilt SuperTEX Vacuum Cleaner Bags +1 Filter (4 Bags)

  • Genuine Bosch Type G MegaFilt SuperTEX Dust Bags + Micro Filter Pad
  • Fits Models: BSGL4, BSGL3, BSG6, BSG7, BSG4, BSA, BSD, BBS631 - BBS639, BSC, BBS7, BBS8, BSF, VSZ4, VSZ3, VSO6G, 
  • VSO7G VSO4G, VS5.A, VS5.B, VS5.C, VS5.D, VS5.E, VS5.KA, VS63A1 - VS63A9, VS63AOO, VS63AO7, VS7.C & D, VS32/33, VS42/44, 
  • VS9.A
  • Pack includes 4 bags + 1 micro filters
  • Genuine Original Bosch replacement dust bags offer you the highest level of filtration performance possible -- Hygienic seal for no 
  • contact with dust when disposing of filter bags -- Made with synthetic materials for maximum particle intake -- Regularly replacing
SGD 29.90

Dyson Hard Floor Tool

  • This attachment is specifically designed for use on hardwood floors
  • The head pivots 180 degrees
  • which makes it particularly easy to vacuum around tables and chairs
  • Soft nylon bristles gently remove dust.
  • Ultra-slim profile reaches into awkward gaps
  • Soft nylon bristles.Soft bristles gently clean wood and other delicate floors
  • Cleans awkward spaces
SGD 62.90

KARCHER 2.863-005.0 FOR MV4 WD4 MV5 WD5 MV6 WD6

  • Embedded in the cartridge, the flat fold filter can be replaced particularly conveniently and quickly
  • and without any contact with dirt: simply fold out the filter cartridge,
  • change the filter, close the filter cartridge - and you're done!
  • Other practical features: flat fold filters for multi-purpose vacuum cleaners of unit series MV 4 to MV 6 enable wet
  • and dry vacuuming without constant interruptions for annoying filter changes.
SGD 49.00

Karcher 6.414-805.0 HEPA 12 filter for VC6xxx

  • Use: HEPA 12 filter
  • Info: Kärcher vacuum cleaners VC 6, VC 6 Premium
  • Addition keeps pollen and allergens
SGD 63.90

Karcher 6.904-257.0 filter set 5 used for RC 3000 RC 4000

  • Filter set for the Kärcher Robot vacuum Robocleaner RC 3000, RC 4.000.
  • The set includes 5 paper filter bags and 1 micro filter for the base station.
SGD 38.90

Karcher 6.904-335.0 Vacuum Bags x10

  • BV 5/1 BP Vacuum Cleaner,
  •  BV 5/1 Vacuum Cleaner,
  • T7/1 Vacuum Cleaner,
  •  T9/1 BP Vacuum Cleaner
SGD 50.99

Karcher 6.414-552.0 cartridge filter FOR MV2 WD2 AND MORE VACUUM CLEANERS

  • Karcher 6414-5520 cartridge filter
  • The cartridge filters of Kärcher allows for both wet and dry vacuuming without changing the filter compatible
  • devices
  • SE 4001 SE 4002 WD 2200 WD 2500 M WD 3200 WD 3200
  • with ash filter WD 3300 M WD 3500 P WD 3800
  • M eco! ogic Code 6414 -5520
SGD 43.90

Karcher set of 5 paper filter dust bags for wd 3.200 and Mv3 vacuum cleaner

  • Karcher 6.959-130.0 Filter Bags 5St.
  • High-performance 2-ply paper filter bag.
  • High-strength filter bags for reliable fine dust retention.
  • Contains: 5 pieces Compatible model- WD 3.200 Mv 3
SGD 41.90

Karcher WD2 - MV2 Dust Bag With 5 Paper Filter Bags

  • High-performance
  • 2-ply paper filter bag
  • High-strength filter bags for reliable fine dust retention
  • Contains: 5 bags
  • Easy fit
  • Suitable For Models Mv2 Wd2.000 Wd 2.399 A2000 A2099
SGD 38.50

Karcher 6.414-824.0 fleece filter bags 5pcs FOR MODELS VC5100 - VC5200 - VC5300

  • Very tensile nonwoven filter bag with high filtration efficiency and practical closure system for hygienic removal.
  •   Number 5 Piece
  • Weight 0.2 kg
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 225x117x70MM
SGD 39.90

Dyson Allergy Kit

Spares and replacement partsTools and accessories to fit majority of Dyson vacuum cleaners3 Dyson tools for cleaning dust and dirt from hard-to-reach places
SGD 99.80

Philips S-Bag FC8021/03 Dust Bag For Vacuum Cleaners

  • Philips s-bag Vacuum cleaner bags FC8021/03
  • 4 x dust bags in 1 pack
  • One standard fits all.
  • 50% longer lifetime
  • 15% more capacity
SGD 16.45

Philips s-bag Vacuum cleaner bags FC8023/04 /4x dust bags /One standard fits all /Smell absorbent /Ideal for pet owners

  • s-bag® is the universal dust bag
  • for all Philips, and Electrolux (Electrolux, AEG, Volta, Tornado) vacuum
  • cleaners with bag.
  • When buying replacement bags,
  • just look for the s-bag® logo.
  • Usage of non-original bags can damage your cleaner.
SGD 22.50

Philips HEPA filter FC8038 /1 x HEPA13 exhaust filter /Retains 99.5% of dust /s-filter® standard fit

  • Philips HEPA filter FC8038
  • 1 x HEPA13 exhaust filter
  • Retains 99.5% of dust /s-filter® standard fit
  • Original HEPA13 filter replacement from Philips
  • The Philips HEPA13 filter for your vacuum cleaner
  • captures 99.95% of the finest dust, for a dust-free environment,
  • with clean allergen-free air.
  • The air passing through the filter is even cleaner than the air already in your
  • room.
SGD 53.95

Electrolux KIT10A ErgoRapido® and Rapido™ Car Kit

Pet nozzleBristle brushExtension hoseFlat crevice nozzleThe Car Kit is suitable Rapido ZB61** series and ErgoRapido ZB30** series
SGD 58.00


  • This is an authentic Karcher accessory, made from sturdy black plastic.
  • This angled nozzle features a brush edge ideal for carpet detailing and small areas.
  •  It fits easily onto the end of the wand or telescopic tube. Sold individually.
SGD 15.90

KARCHER T 10/1 FILTER BAGS (10 PK) 6.904-333.0

  • Paper filter bags for Kärcher dry vacuum 
  • cleaner T 7/1 (except T 7/1 Classic), T 9/1 
  • and T 10/1 (as well as variations). Dust 
  • class M.
  • 10 x Paper dust bag

SGD 46.90


  • 3-ply fleece filter bags for Kärcher dry 
  • vacuum cleaner T 10/1 (and variations) 
  • and T 12/1 (and variations).Tear resistant, 
  • dust class M.
  • Content

  • 10 x Fleece dust bag
SGD 48.80

Karcher 6.960-019.0 Cleaning Cloths for Steam Cleaners

  • Hard wearing
  • Absorbent
  • Lint-free
  • Made of quality cotton
SGD 35.90

Philips FC 8022/04 Hygiene Anti Allergy Vacuum Cleaner Dust S-bag Hepa x4

  • Suitable for Philips, Electrolux, AEG, Tornado, Volta
  • Universal standard
  • Anti-allergen effect
  • Highly resistant material
  • Hygienic closing system
SGD 23.85