Human Nature Pore Cleansing Brush 10g

  • Let your goodness shine out as you reveal smaller pores, clearer skin with feather-soft cleansing of our Pore Cleansing Brush!
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  • SGD 29.90

    Microderm Exfoliator

    SGD 69.00

    Esse Cocoa Exfoliator

    SGD 69.00

    ReFa O STYLE

    ReFa O Style's Multi-fit roller's pushing action improves circulation in the skin around the mouth and eyes for a more beautiful smile.
    SGD 189.00

    ReFa for Body

    ReFa for BODY features four follers designed to knead, squeeze and tone the body. Ideal for use on the whole body.
    SGD 399.00

    ReFa S CARAT

    ReFa S CARAT replicates the kneading motion of professional estheticians. Portable and sleek, it gently lifts the skin with soft-touch pinpoint kneading and is ideal for use on targeted areas around the eyes and face.
    SGD 220.00

    ReFa I STYLE

    ReFa I STYLE simulates the tapping sensation of the estheticians hands and provides rhythmical stimulation to awaken a beautiful expression.
    SGD 189.00

    ReFa CARAT

    ReFa CARAT replicates the kneading motion of the estheticians hands with its powerful kneading action. Ideal for use on the face and body.
    SGD 299.00