Colly Plus Nutrition Drink

Ingredients: fish collagen, orange extract, pomegranate extract, fructose
SGD 45.00

Hairbac Haircare

Hair grows from follicles called hair roots located at the bottom of the layer of skin beneath the epidermis, which is associated with blood vessels, nerves, sebaceous glands. The colour of hair is determined by the presence of a pigment called melanin, which is found in different proportions in individuals depending upon the genetic and climatic factors. Hairbac is a research based herbal formulation. Which provides necessary nutrition for the hair by regulating blood circulation in the hair follicles. It also provides necessary nutrients for the growth, protection, strengthening and pigmentation of hair. Directions for use: Take 2 tablets, twice a day minimum for 3 months or as directed by the physician. Advice: If you are pregnant or nursing, please consult your healthcare professional before consuming this product. 90 tablets per bottle
SGD 50.00

Nour Health PomeSeed with Collagen

  • PomeSeed is an all natural formula that provide an essential and powerful anti-oxidant against free radical damage.
SGD 38.00

Essentia Medica Royal Jelly

  • Royal Jelly is secreted from the glands in the heads of worker bees, and is fed to all bee larvae, whether they are destined to become drones (males), workers (sterile females) or queens (fertile females).
SGD 45.00

Essentia Medica Natural Essence 60capsules

  • Natural Essence merupakan satu formula yang berkesan untuk menstabilkan tekanan darah dan menurunkan kadar kolestrol (LDL)
SGD 35.00

Essentia Medica G-Vit Collagen 500mg X 60 Capsules

  • G-vit Collagen diformulasikan dari kombinasi Glutathione, Vitamin C dan Collagen khas untuk lelaki dan wanita.
SGD 38.00

Royal Health Beauty UP 550g

  • Wanita yang sentiasa ingin sihat dan kelihatan cantik anggun semestinya mencari suplemen yang sesuai untuk mereka.
SGD 45.00

Kinohimitsu Collagen Men 5300 16's

"Firms up skin Reduces excessive oil production Youthful and hydrated skin"
SGD 69.90

Kinohimitsu Beauty Collagen Drink 10's

"Locks in skin cells moisture Produce collagen and elastin Lighten pigmentation"
SGD 39.90

ROSE NOURISH (Enriched with Collagen)

SGD 64.20

AVALONTM AdvanCleanse - Single Pack 60's

Good Bacteria, Good Health!
SGD 36.90

AVALONTM Stem Cell Beauty Drink

SGD 62.00

AVALONTM Fat Burner - 60's

Keep Shapely, Safely!
SGD 29.90

AVALONTM Fat Burner Plus - 60's x 2

Safe & effective weight loss with NO Rebound!
SGD 129.00

AVALONTM Japanese Fish Collagen - Mango

Beauty from inside out
SGD 48.90

AVALONTM Japanese Fish Collagen - Lemon

Beauty from inside out…
SGD 48.90

AVALONTM Japanese Fish Collagen - Blueberry

Beauty from inside out
SGD 22.90

AVALONTM Aloe Multiple Detox - Twin Pack (60's x2)

No.1 Best Selling Detox Supplement for 11 Years Running!
SGD 129.00

AVALONTM Aloe Multiple Detox - Single Pack (60's)

No.1 Best Selling Detox Supplement for 11 Years Running!
SGD 89.00

Selenium & A.C.E. a powerful Anti-Ageing formula

SGD 16.00

Pomegranate Extract 500mg

SGD 24.95

MARINO, marine protein, Skin Nutrition Tablets

SGD 29.95

Evening Primrose Oil 1000mg (200's)

SGD 49.00