Footprints Alkaline Water

Eco - friendly Alkaline drinking water with a higher PH (8) than regular drinking water
SGD 1.25

Alkalark 500ml Mineral Water

Alkalark generates the best portable drinking water - mineral alkaline reduced water, within 3 minutes Approved as a Medical Device by USA FDA & Korea FDA Made in Korea
SGD 199.00

Alkaliser Portable Alkaline Water Bottle 550ml

The Alkaliser is a phenomenal water bottle that makes alkaline water in 90 seconds or less. It's made from exceptional materials that won't harm your body. And, it lets you make up to 5,000 bottles of alkaline water before needing to replace the Alkaliser Capsule (diffuser).
SGD 158.00

Nano-Energy Tube

Small Water Molecules. Removes Chlorine. Removes Harmful Contaminants. Adds Minerals and Trace Elements. Energize Your Water. Alkaline. Portable. 2 Years Warranty.
SGD 399.00