Fix-A-Floor 300ml Tube

One Tube provides coverage for approx 2 to 4 Sq Ft.  The 300ml Tube is recommended for all Tile, Marble, Stone & Wood with narrow or no grout lines (wood/marble), and can be cut to fit any size grout lines. Requires a standard caulking gun. Fix-A-Floor is an extra strength repair adhesive customized for the specific use of re-bonding loose and hollow tile, marble, stone and wood flooring without removing or replacing. It’s fast, easy and affordable. DIY – just drill and fill. Predrilled hole on tip allows for a small 1/8 in. drilled hole for narrow grout lines or wood Additional cut lines on tip marked for 3/16 in. or 1/4 in. holes Works great on small or large problem areas Dries within 24 hours Easy clean up with sponge and water, dries clear Guaranteed for the life of your floor Non-toxic, non-flammable and eco-friendly Great DIY project, see How-To videos Fix-A-Floor Repair Adhesive has a super ANSI tested bond strength of 130-135 psi Designed to work with a standard caulk gun Fix-A-Floor is extremely viscous: 1800-2700 mPa.s 25°C/77°F Fix-A-Floor is very fluid: 1800-2700 mPa.s 25°C/77°F /
SGD 17.00

WEPOS Porcelain / Homogenous Stoneware Cleaner 1L

For convenient basic cleaning. Loosens and removes even stubborn general dirt, skid marks from shoes, oil and grease films. The colour and structure of the material are optimised, the formation of streaks and cleaning smears is reduced and reduces re-soiling. For polished and matt porcelain stoneware surfaces. Also for glazed and ceramic tiles
SGD 19.20

WEPOS Porcelain Stoneware Cleaner 1 Liter

WEPOS Polishing Paste 150 ML

for gold, silver, brass, copper and stainless steel. Jewellery, cutlery, cooking utensils, musical instruments, medals, door fittings and most other metals. Car & Motor-bikes rims and chrome parts •Removes stubborn dirt, rusty surfaces, fingerprints & deposits •Restores brilliant shine to tarnished surfaces. Removes rust
SGD 14.80

WEPOS Polishing Paste 150 ml

WEPOS Parquet & Wooden Floor Wash & Shine 1L

Cleans and cares. Removes dirt and skid marks with ease. Refreshes the coating and maintains the natural appearance of high-quality parquet and wooden plank floors. Doesn't make the floor slippery. Prevents premature signs of aging such as darkening, greying or fading. For all sealed parquet and wooden floors.
SGD 21.80

WEPOS Parquet & Wooden Floor Cleaner 0.75 Liter

WEPOS Mould Remover - CHLORINE-FREE 0.75 L

Easily removes mould, fungal infestation and mould stains. Innovative gel formula with long-lasting effect and deep Penetration. Chlorine free and odourless, therefore particularly suitable for bedrooms and children's rooms. Disinfects and protects. Removes mould from wallpaper, plaster, masonry, stone, wood, ceramic surfaces, plastic, textiles and leather
SGD 19.80

WEPOS Mould remover - CHLORINE-FREE 0.75 Liter

WEPOS Mould-Remover 1L

Powerfully and lastingly destroys all kinds of mould. Permanently eliminates fungi, mould stains and bacteria. Bleaches, disinfects and protects. With immediate effect. For all washable surfaces in residential buildings; particularly in the sanitary area, sauna and swimming pool.
SGD 18.80

WEPOS Mould-Remover – Chlorine 0.75 Liter

WEPOS Linoleum cleaner 1L

Concentrate. Refreshes the coating and maintains the natural Appearance of linoleum and linoleum parquet. Suitable for wiping and initial care of newly laid or stripped floors. Dirt adhesion is reduced and the everyday cleaning made easier. Protects the floor with a resilient anti-slip shiny protective film
SGD 36.40

WEPOS Linoleum Cleaner 1 Liter

WEPOS Grout Cleaner 0.75 L

Removes grease, dirt, residues of care products and stubborn deposits. For the cleaning of grout of wall and floor tiles indoors and outdoors. For ceramic and natural stone tile grouting
SGD 15.80

WEPOS Grout Cleaner 0.75 Liter

WEPOS Granite & marble impregnation

Ready-to-use special impregnation. Lime scale and water repellent, and reduces the penetration of dirt, moisture, paint, oil and grease. Stain-forming liquids can be wiped off before they penetrate the surface. Facilitates cleaning. For all Absorbent natural and artificial stones. Also for sealing Grouting
SGD 56.40

WEPOS Granite & Marble Impregnation 1 Liter

WEPOS Glass and Mirror Spray Cleaner 0.75 L

A spray cleaner for glass and mirror which gives a streak-free and smear-free sparkling clean finish. It has high degreasing and de-soiling power. dries quickly and prevents rapid re-soiling with its anti-soiling effect. For quick and easy cleaning of glass, frames; car windscreen and windows and glass table top without leaving any stripe-marks behind!
SGD 9.80

WEPOS Glass and Mirror Spray Cleaner 0.75 Litre

WEPOS Drain-Ex Granules 600GM

Highly effective active granules. Loosens and dissolves even persistent blockages such as oil and grease residues, food, hair, soap scum, cotton wool, etc. in the kitchen and bathroom in basins and sinks, drains in the bath and shower, in the toilet and other drainage and piping systems. Self-acting and extremely fast. Even frozen drains are de-iced
SGD 13.80

WEPOS Drain-Ex Granules 0.6 kg

WEPOS Drain-Ex gel 1L

For kitchen, bathroom and toilet. Loosens and dissolves persistent blockages such as oil and grease residues, food, hair, soap remains, cotton wool, etc. Gel structure ensures even Distribution of the active ingredient. Highly effective, self-acting and eliminates unpleasant odours. Develops no heat, so gentle on plastic and metal pipes
SGD 17.20

WEPOS Drain Ex Gel 1 Liter

WEPOS Descaler 0.75 L

Highly effective concentrate for quick and easy removal of lime scale from household appliances. When used regularly, it guarantees longer life of the appliances, energy savings, and,for example in the preparation of drinks, consistent quality of taste. Also for espresso and coffee pad machines
SGD 23.80

WEPOS Descaler 1 Liter

WEPOS Chandelier Spray Cleaner 0.75 L

This product is a fast-working manual spray cleaner that is safe and effective It removes dirt and grime and has an additional effect of protecting the surface as it leaves an easy-to-clean effect
SGD 23.80

WEPOS Chandelier Spray Cleaner 0.75 Liter

WEPOS_Acrylic_Cleaner 0.75 L

For brightly coloured and shining acrylic surfaces. Gently and effectively removes dirt from all acrylic and plastic surfaces in Sanitary and wet rooms, bathroom, shower and toilet. Acrylic surfaces treated become hygienically clean, dirt-repellent and Easier to clean. Antistatic, with drip-off effect
SGD 19.80

WEPOS Acrylic cleaner

WEPOS Algae & Moss Remover

Algae and Moss Remover permits self-active removal of algae, green patina and green deposits and protects against recurrence
SGD 17.80

WEPOS Algae & Moss Remover 1 Liter

Wepos Anti Mould Impregnation 075 Litre

For all absorbent substrates such as wallpapered or painted walls .ceillings tiles,grouting,plaster,concrete,brick,sand-line brick,gypsum board,wood amongst others.suitable for bedroom,livin rooms and children rooms,basement sanitary areas,kitchen and saunas
SGD 32.00

Wepos Anti Mould Impregnation 0.75

Wepos Anti Mould Additive - 1 L

Protect against mould when decorating. Additive for emulsion paint, wallpaper paste, plaster, mortar for immediate and long term protection against mould and microbial infestation, particularly where there is thermal bridging and problem areas with unfavourable humidity conditions. Also for treating the subsurface. Prevents the formation of mould, moss, fungi and algae
SGD 19.80

wepos Anti Mould Additive - 1 L

Doob L plop Barley Beige Bean Bag

SGD 269.00

Doob L plop Jet Black Bean Bag

SGD 269.00

Doob L plop Wine Red Bean Bag

SGD 269.00

Doob L plop Grape Purple Bean Bag

SGD 269.00

Doob L plop Ash Grey Bean Bag

SGD 269.00

Doob L plop Mandarin Orange Bean Bag

SGD 269.00

Doob L plop Apple Green Bean Bag

SGD 269.00

Doob L plop Candy Pink Bean Bag

SGD 269.00

Doob L plop Caribbean Blue Bean Bag

SGD 269.00

Doob L plop Chili Red Bean Bag

SGD 269.00