Munchkin Wonder Waterway

  • Three separate character pieces provide individual play
  • Connect all three pieces to create a fun waterway
  • Boosts baby's hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills
  • Play Patterns: Action + Reaction; Hand + Eye Coordination
  • 6+ months
SGD 16.90

Uncle Milton - Marvel Science - Iron Man Arc Reactor Lab

Build and solve the Iron Man Arc Reactor using the power chips to find the full power-up combination with awesome light and sound effects Display the completed Iron Man Arc Reactor in room light mode with the included display stand Features a cool educational poster about Iron Man and Real World science, like energy sources on Earth Build it, solve it and display it Includes Arc Reactor with 12 parts, 4 Power chips, 1 stand and educational poster w/instructions
SGD 29.90

Uncle Milton - Marvel Science - Transforming Hulk

Hulk grows 4x his original size Refillable tank with city battle scene Educational poster about Hulk and Real World science!
SGD 29.90