Chinatown Donut Ball Bulk Pack

5 packets at 5% off Donut ball filled with thick and irresistible hazelnut chocolate. Can be served as dessert or snacks, bite-sized donut ball are also convenient and easy to prepare.
SGD 11.30

Chinatown Mini Brownie Bulk Pack

5 packets at 5% off. Rich chocolate infused brownie with moist texture. Chocolate lovers will fall head over heels in love with rich chocolate.
SGD 11.30

Chinatown 1KG Cream Puff ~ Vanilla

5 packets at 5% off. Oven baked cream puff / profiteroles with creamy fillings (Chocolate / Vanilla). Can be served with sliced fruits or other toppings for sumptuous dessert.
SGD 11.30

Chinatown SUPERSALES! Mini Brownie (3 Boxes)

Bundle of 3 of Mini Brownie @ $8.80 Only! ~Product from Belgium
SGD 8.80