Philips Shaver Series 9000 Wet and Dry Electric Shaver (S9111)

The Shaver 9000 is our most advanced shaver yet. The unique contour detect technology offers exceptional coverage over every contour of your face, and the V-Track system guides hairs into the best cutting position for the closest results.
SGD 385.00

Philips Multigroom Series 1000 Ultra Precise Beard Styler (MG1100)

Multigroom Beard Styler
SGD 38.90

Philips Viva Collection Premium Induction Cooker Black w/ FREE POT (HD4932)

Viva Collection Induction Cooker with Free Pot
SGD 82.00

Philips Beardtrimmer series 3000 (QT4000)

  • Perfect beard made easy
  • The most convenient way to start with your beard
  • Style your beard the way you want with this beard trimmer. Precision from as short as 1mm up to 10mm.
SGD 28.00

Philips Aqua Touch Wet and Dry Electric Shaver (S5070/04)

The Aquatouch shaver protects your skin while you enjoy a refreshing shave. Our ComfortCut Blade System with rounded profile heads glides smoothly across, and they're designed to protect your skin.
SGD 82.80

Philips 7-in-1 Beard & Hair Trimmer (QG3341)

7-in-1 Beard & Hair Trimmer
SGD 40.00

Braun Shaver Series 3 - 300 Black - 300S

Braun 300S Shaver Series 3 Black
SGD 107.40

Braun Shaver MobileShave M 90 Dark Blue/Silver (Battery) - M90

Braun M90 Shaver MobileShave Dark Blue/Silver (Battery)
SGD 47.60


SGD 40.00


SGD 44.00

Philips AT610 AquaTouch Wet and Dry Electric Shaver

CloseCut shaving head
SGD 45.00

Philips AT600/15‎ AquaTouch Electric Shaver Wet & Dry

Great skin protection, smooth shave
SGD 31.00

Skin & Tonic London Beard & Shave Oil 30ml

SGD 30.00

American Crew Ultra Gliding Shave Oil 50ml

SGD 34.00

American Crew Post-Shave Cooling Lotion 125ml

SGD 34.00

American Crew Precision Shave Gel 150ml

SGD 30.00

American Crew Moisturizing Shave Cream 150ml

SGD 30.00

Philips Aqua Touch Electric Shaver Wet & Dry (AT600/15)

  • Great skin protection, smooth shave.
  • Now you can enjoy a refreshing shave without worrying about damaging your skin. Use AquaTouch with shaving gel or foam for enhanced skin comfort. Aquatec seal ensures a safe, refreshing wet shave. Or use dry for a convenient quick shave.
SGD 29.90

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