Denim Samsui Woman Cardholder

A small denim Samsui Woman pouch with multi-purpose features – a main pouch to keep an ID or credit card, a ring to hold your keys and a side pocket for money or small notes.
SGD 10.00

Samsui Woman Keychain

A unique keychain adorned with a smiling Samsui Woman plush. It is delicately sewn from cotton fabric.
SGD 8.00

Samsui Woman Brooch

A unique brooch adorned with a smiling Samsui Woman plush. It is delicately sewn from cotton fabric.
SGD 8.00

Festive Crimson Winebag

A wine bag sewn from rich crimson Thai silk material that exudes a feel of luxury. The inner salmon-pink lining material is specially designed to give the bag an alternative more casual look when it is reversed inside out.
SGD 12.00

Denim Samsui Woman Tissue Box Cover

A table-top tissue box cover featuring a smiling Samsui Woman plush doll. Ingeniously made from recycled denim jeans.
SGD 20.00

Denim Samsui Woman Tissue Box Holder

A tissue box holder with a sling arm that can be attached to your car seat or a door or window grill at home. It is creatively sewn from recycled ash green denim jeans, featuring a small Samsui Woman plush to give it a distinctive look.
SGD 18.00

Denim Samsui Woman Doorstopper

A doorstopper that will stop anyone in their path by its unique design that features Singapore’s iconic Samsui Woman. It is cleverly handcrafted from recycled denim material.
SGD 40.00

Denim Samsui Woman Half Moon Wrist Pouch

A chic zipped wrist pouch made from durable denim fabric. Adding a charm of its own is a delicately sewn Samsui Woman plush attached to one side of the pouch.
SGD 18.00

Denim Samsui Woman Magnetic Notepad

Adorned with a Samsui Woman plush, this magnetic notepad makes a distinctive decor piece on your fridge or writing desk.
SGD 10.00

Lady in Kimono Paperweight

An adorable Japanese doll paperweight, with her hair bun in pearl accessories and dressed in a sweet kimono.
SGD 15.00

Coolie Guy Paperweight

The Coolie Guy paperweight was introduced as an accompaniment to the Samsui woman. Now she won’t be lonely again.
SGD 15.00

Samsui Woman Paperweight with Cardholder

An eye-catching desk paperweight featuring a hand-sewn Samsui Woman. It is designed with this Singapore icon displaying a fabric pocket to hold your business cards.
SGD 15.00

Samsui Woman Paperweight

A unique desk paperweight featuring a Samsui Woman plush. This icon of Singapore with its striking red head-dress and blue top makes an eye-catching stationery piece on any desk at home or in the office.
SGD 15.00