2-in-1 Space Saving Spin Mop Set

SGD 19.90

Hanger Extension (Pack of 5)

Instantly free up your wardrobe space by connecting your hangers together!
SGD 3.50

Compressible Storage Bags - 80 x 60cm (M)

Vacuum pack your winter wear, pillows, comforter, bedspread and clothes to free up wardrobe space. Storage bags help protect them away from dust to save the hassle of washing them again the next time you need it.
SGD 2.40

Trouser Hanger

Its 5-layer design allows hanging of multiple clothing one one hanger! Maximize the limited storage space in your wardrobe, bathroom or behind the door.
SGD 4.90

Laundry/Underwear Handheld Scrub

Handheld design allows strength control and easy removal of stain! It reduces need for direct contact with detergent or washing powder to protect your hands.
SGD 2.90

Pegs Holder Net

Made of quality polyester mesh with good ventilations that is suitable for storing pegs, undergarments, socks, makeup, plastic bags etc.
SGD 4.90

Clip-on Car Dustbin

Convenient disposal of trash to keep your car clean. Comes with hook and stick-on adhesive for simple installation.
SGD 7.50