Galt Cotton Reels

Galt Cotton Reels
SGD 12.90

Magic Experience Rope Cutter (200g)

  • Master the magical powers to cut a rope and put it back together again.
    SGD 5.90

    Magic Experience Jumping Eyeball (200g)

    • Make your plastic eyeball magically jump into a covered transparent box. Is the box even open?
      SGD 5.90

      Magic Experience Flying Handkerchief (200g)

      • Lift the corner of a handkerchief without touching it.
        SGD 6.90

        Magic Experience Flask (200g)

        • Lift the flask with just a piece of string. But wait, it's not attached to the bottle..
        SGD 5.90

        Magic Experience Drawer (200g)

        • Make little objects and plastic cockroaches disappear.
          SGD 5.90

          Magic Experience Blackhole (200g)

          • Make the balls vanish, jump from cup to cup and reappear in another cup. A mind-blowing experience!
          SGD 7.90

          Magic Experience Artificial Intelligence (200g)

          • Tell us which card your audience picked. Wait, what?
            SGD 5.90

            Magic Experience Arabic Vase (200g)

            • It seems like there's an endless amount of water from this magical vase..
              SGD 5.90