Feb 18 , 2019

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Healthy Eats | CNY Detox

| Written by Fatima Lokhandwala |

Give your body the much-needed break from heavy and oily foods, the decadent, sugary sweets and unhealthy snacks by trying out healthier food options, and yummy treats that'll keep you wanting for more!

Here are some words of advice before you whip that shopping cart around!

šŸ’§ Drink plenty of water! Just because you've been drinking sodas & colas does not mean you've been hydrating your body, in fact it's the opposite. Drink at least 8 - 10 glasses of water to replenish yourself and flush out those toxins!

šŸ„¦ Stock up on the fibre! Your digestion has probably been overactive and overloaded during CNY with all the heavy food, so give it a rest and have some green leafy vegetables to sweep your system clean.

1. EL 3 in 1 Instant Brown Rice Beverage

Original Brown Rice Beverage is processed by using advance technology in order to preserve the nutrients of brown rice.

Brown Rice with higher fibre content is able to enhance our body's metabolism.

2. Amphora Organic Soft Dried Figs

Amphora Organic Dried Figs are a moist, sweet and tart, read to eat treat. We use organic Turkish Aydin figs ripened on trees on hillsides warmed by the Mediterranean sun.

They are handpicked and dried naturally, with no preservatives or colours added.

3. Dr Gram Organic Dried Mixed Fruits & Nuts

Our dried mixed fruits & nuts are not only tasty, they are packed with many benefits as well. The dried fruits are a good sourceĀ of fiber, vitamin E, vitamin A and niacin.

The nutsĀ contain omega-3 fatty acidsĀ that helpsĀ toĀ reduce the risk of Type II diabetes and blood lipid disorders, and vitamin E, reducing risk of Alzheimerā€™s, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

4. Nature's Superfoods Organic White Quinoa Seeds

Quinoa is widely known as one of the most perfect natural foods/grains on earth, that contains all 9 essential amino acids, enzymes, vitamins and minerals, fiber, antioxidants, and phytonutrients.

Very few whole grains can be classified as 'complete' protein with all 9 essential amino acids that are essential for growth, development & repair in the human body. Excellent whole food for growing children, active lifetyles, all stages in life.

5. Shanti Switchel Handcrafted Japanese Vinegar Drink

(Apple And Ginger)

Shanti Switchel is a natural beverage made of apple cider vinegar, honey and ginger without any use of additives.

The drink is perfect for an easy and simple recipe without the hassle of grating ginger. It is most suitable for making refreshing summer cocktails or detox water. It also goes well with yoghurt and ice cream as it contains honey.

Get your health back on track, stay fit, and enjoy yummy snacks that are beneficial to your health today!