What is Halal? Why anyone can live the Halalan Toyyiban lifestyle?

Jan 15 , 2018


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What is Halal? Why anyone can live the Halalan Toyyiban lifestyle?

Over 1.8 Billion people follow the Muslim faith and lead a Halalan Toyyiban lifestyle.
Did You Know?
All Halal products are natural. It is not permissible to consume anything artificial. Having the Halal certification assure the consumers the product is from safe and ethical sources. The Halalan Toyyiban concept is to live a life that is food and pure.
What takes a meat to be halal? Basically, it has to be slaughtered the Zabiha way. It is believed to cause the least amount of pain to animals as to show compassion and respect.
Here are the requirements:
  1. The animal to be alive & healthy at time of slaughter.
  2. Using a razor sharp knife, the jugular vein, carotid artery and windpipe is severed by a single swipe so that the animal incur as less pain as possible.
  3. This way, all blood is drained out form the carcass as blood is considered non-halal in the Quran (6:145).
  4. Forbidden are animals which are dead prior to slaughter, killed by strangling, a violent blow, or by a headlong fall.
  5. Other animals (non-exhaustive) which are forbidden include swine, donkey, insects, animals that live in both land and sea (e.g. amphibians), beasts and birds of prey that hunt with talons and claws.
Halal is for Everyone
Ogilvy Noor, an Islamic branding company, advisers that apart from halal meat requirements, manufacturers should also look at offering organic, free-range, and ethical products to Muslim consumers. The organic market intersects with the halal market, so there are opportunities for natural growth in this area.
“Anyone can live a Halalan Toyyiban lifestyle.”
The market appeal of these products is potentially broader than just religious adherents because of the perception that halal food is sometimes preferred by non-Muslim consumers too. For example, animals slaughtered in a halal manner basically undergo two health checks instead of one: the usual regulatory health check of its country of origin, as well as a check by the halal certification authority. The method of slaughter, in which the blood is drained from the animal, is also thought by some to be healthier.
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