Jan 29 , 2019


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Things to do this Chinese New Year

Written by Cynthia Sim
According to Index Mundi Singapore Demographics Profile in 2018, the Chinese people make up 74.3% of the Singapore population. So you can imagine that Chinese New is going to be full of festivities.
The festival has a history of over 3,000 years originating from China. Celebrations on Lunar New Year's Day can be dated back to the ancient worship of heaven and earth. Over the centuries new traditions were added and celebrations became more entertainment-orientated.

1. Witness the Chingay Parade

This wondrous event brings together people and performances from across the spectrum of Singaporean culture; celebrated by Chinese, Malays, Indians and Eurasians alike. With all its noise and gaiety, the parade was mooted over four decades ago as a way to compensate for the ban that had been placed on firecrackers, a customary New Year practice to drive away evil spirits.

2. Visit the River Hongbao

Starting 1987, The River Hongbao held at NS Square, the Marina Bay floating platform is an iconic event has become an integral tradition of Singapore’s Lunar New Year celebrations for locals and tourists alike. This lively festival offers a special Chinese cultural experience–from giant lanterns to mouth-watering food–that is a feast for your senses. You will be astounded by the larger-than-life lanterns depicting figures of Chinese myth and legend, handcrafted onsite by craftsmen from China. Crowd favorites include the God of Fortune, and of course, the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac. A myriad of fringe activities, ranging from amusement rides to carnival games, will ensure that there is never a dull moment. Opera and other street performances round up this colorful extravaganza.

3. Explore Chinatown

Once an enclave for Singapore’s Chinese immigrant population, the Chinatown of today is much-beloved for its blend of old and new, with historic temples and traditional medicinal halls sitting alongside hip new bars and lifestyle shops. Whether you’re visiting century-old temples at Telok Ayer and Kreta Ayer or making new friends at a bar in Duxton or Keong Saik, there’s always a new experience in Chinatown. With its lively markets and festive atmosphere, this is definitely the place to head to. Don’t miss the Chinatown Street Light Up, when lion dancers and fire-eaters perform at Kreta Ayer Square.
Whether you celebrate Chinese New Years or not, there is always something to do during the holidays. If you have not done your preparations yet, fear not! Aladdin Street Singapore will have everything you need to get going and just 3 to 5 working day delivery, you can count on us!

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