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The Singaporean Survival Kit

Written by Cynthia Sim

According to the British Council, Singaporeans have the fastest walking speed in the world – an average of 18 meters in 10.55 seconds. That’s also how fast bumblebees fly. Living is the fastest moving country, we have got to remember to take care of ourselves. Here are a few survival tips for living in the busiest city in the world.

1. It's so Hot in Singapore

Products Shown: WhiffLove Collection


We sweat, perspire, and take in a lot of the toxins in the air. The weather and the stress take a number on your skin. Our bodies absorb whatever that’s slapped, slathered & smeared onto its skin. The majority of skin & body care products available in retail shops are full of it! The longer the ingredient lists, the more the muck sadly. Say yes to natural and pure ingredients! No nasties – parabens, SLS, you name it. Start nourishing in our Aromatic skin & beauty care for our largest organ – our SKIN! WhiffLove is good for your skin, emotions and general overall wellbeing – which is very important to us.

It’s all about the experience of using all natural beauty care that actually works for you! And don’t forget to take a whiff of goodness! Experience a multitude of benefits & enjoy its multi-functionality. Crafted by hand, made with love and fresh! From their hands to yours, may they pass these bottles & jars of goodness and love over to you? Indulge in handcrafted, aromatic bath and beauty treats. Ignite your senses today!

We recommend the Whifflove | Beat The Flush - Face & Body Mist (30ml). It is the perfect mist for when you feel hot physically and emotionally. Be calm, and balance your hormones and senses instantly! Lift your spirits as you spray away the tensions of the day. It’s a bonus that our specially curated mist hydrates your skin at the same time! It is also great for hormonal related skin issues! Acne due to hormones? Fret not! Balance your hormones and spray away!

NOTE: Not suitable for use during pregnancy.

2. Singapore time is not Malaysian time

Products Shown: Aries Gold Watches


Here, time is money. It is important to always stay on track with your time. Aries Gold offers a beautiful range of watches that will help you stay on track, in style. Handcrafted automatic movements, the leather they use is also borne of the finest ilk, produced in a specialized tannery originating from the renowned leather-working city of Hessen, Germany. Their German-formulated leather undergoes an exacting production process, with every stage – including curing, liming, and bating – subject to the highest quality standards and attention to detail. Emphasis on hand stitching is also enforced, as they eschew the less refined and more commercially widespread practice of machine-cut automation.

Leatherworkers with more than 10 years of industry experience are responsible for the bespoke hand stitching process, ensuring that their legacy of well-made leather lives on, through the immeasurable pride in their craft. Apart from artisanal expertise, their leather product development arm also creates new leather variants via lab-based testing, aiding the evolution of fashion trends – evidenced by the innovative use of Mongolian horse leather in their Hellcat series, and lambskin for the Gauntlet Vintage edition. By staying one step ahead of the scene, they help make their Aries Gold timepiece stay one class above.

3. No Time to Cook

Products Shown: Kays Macaroni


After a long day of earning a living, some of us just do not have the energy to cook ourselves a proper meal. Eating takeaway every day is drilling a hole in our pockets. Well, how about a twist in your macaroni? 3 Kay's started as an import and distribution company that serve healthy and natural food products. After gaining a profound knowledge of food industry for 8 years, the experience that they have gathered allowed them to identify specific requirements in the consumer's lifestyle and food industry.

Therefore with this foresight, they open their doors in 2015 and committed to cater consumers only the finest, high-quality and affordable food products in Singapore. They believe that anyone can prepare food quickly and easily for themselves and their loved ones by using their food products, which is made in Singapore. In line with this belief in preparing food conveniently, they introduce their first instant macaroni that can help customers to save time and money in their busy schedules. Available in Dry and Soup forms. We recommend the Kay's Instant Fusili Spicy Chicken.

4. Living on Coffee

Products Shown: Medano Coffee


Of course, coffee is in the survival kit, but who has the time to brew a good cup. Good thing these days we have created machines who ensure us the best quality of coffee in easy and convenient capsules. Why not give Medano Sweet Heart 20 Nespresso* Compatible Coffee Capsules a try. Explore the exquisite flavors of Asian coffee with their finest selection of 100% Arabica single-origin coffee beans and Nespresso-compatible podsMedano Coffee brings you Asia’s best coffee. They sell premium 100% Arabica coffee beans and Nespresso* compatible pods freshly packed in Singapore.

All their single-origin coffee is sourced from the most exquisite regions in Asia including Sumatra and Thailand. With an end-to-end control of our supply chain, they are able to ensure their coffee is of the highest quality. They believe that coffee should be colorful, floral and full of flavors! Their mission is to give their drinkers a unique sensory experience with every cup of coffee.

From the earthy flavors of Toba reminiscent of the majestic Lake Toba, to the rich, complex taste of Mandheling that resonates with the beautiful Mandheling Highlands; they feel that each cup of coffee has its own story and imagery which they wish to share with you. As an adventurous coffee startup proudly founded in Singapore since 2014, they have supplied their coffee beans and pods to many satisfied coffee drinkers and businesses. There is an increasing appreciation for Asian coffee all over the world, and they hope to bring the best coffee from Asia to all coffee lovers in Singapore.

5. Self-Care is not Selfish

Products Shown: Entity Health Supplements


Never forget to give time to yourself. We sometimes get caught up and overwhelmed with the day-to-day activities that we forget about me time. There are many forms of self-care, one of which we could integrate into our busy lives. Supplements are in no way replacements for a healthy and balanced diet but it does help fill in the vitamins that we may not be getting a sufficient amount of. Entity Health has a wide range to help us with that.

Combining the very best that science and nature have to offer, their next generation nutraceuticals are the product of years of innovative thinking, extensive research and breakthrough ideas. They have redesigned nature to be the health product of the future – your future. One that we have been personally trying is the Entity Health RejuveniX™. It contains Black maca, known scientifically as Lepidium meyenii, grows high up (above 4000m altitude) in the mountains of Peruvian Central Andes. It is traditionally used by the natives to improve children’s performance in school. Bacopa monnieri is an ancient herbal remedy found in warm wetlands native to India. It is traditionally used by ancient Vedic scholars to memorize lengthy sacred scriptures and hymns. Maybe worth giving it a try.

6. Back Pain, Neck Pain

Products Shown: Heat Pads


I don't know about you but whether you sit in the office all day or work in a busy service industry, overworking would give anyone body aches. Introducing their newly re-designed Heat pads for relief on any parts of the body. They come in 3 different varieties.

MenstruHeat, for better relief and ergonomic comfort! Heat therapy is clinically-proven to relieve menstrual cramps, neck & shoulder aches and pains. MenstruHeat is designed to fit ergonomically and quickly emit an optimum level of heat to relax the cramping uterine muscles. NeckHeat is designed to be "split-able" so that you can use it exactly where you need it most. As skin at the neck & shoulder area tends to be more sensitive, we have calibrated NeckHeat to release a slightly less heat as compared to MenstruHeat.

BackHeat is designed to bend to fit the contours of your back with extended heat distribution across its wings so that you get maximum comfort and relief. Simply tear open the packaging and once MenstruHeat is exposed to air, it will heat up within 5-10 minutes.

To us, Singapore is home, as crazy as the weather or our lifestyle gets, we always find a way to make things happen, and that is how we find ourselves on top! If you have any other Singaporean problems that you would like us to recommend a solution to, feel free to share them with us over at the comment section.

Check out more brands like these here and give your brother and sister some love. Together, you and me, we'll do our part, stand together, heart to heart. We're going to show the world what Singapore can be. We can achieve, we can achieve.

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