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The Powerpuff Girls' Pick | Aladdin Street Great 28

Written by Cynthia Sim.

Get to know the staff of Aladdin Street Singapore and what they have chosen as their top picks for the GSS season.

Shanice Ong - Graphic Designer and Digital Marketer

Shanice is much like Bubbles, kind-hearted and soft-spoken. She has a huge soft spot for rabbits. She enjoys the simple things in life and strives to be a team player. Except for maybe if you start a conversation about lipstick, she could go on for hours! Ask anyone in the office and they will tell you that her superpower is the ability to fall asleep anywhere at any time without anyone noticing.

1. BBIA Last Lip Mousse

Velvet mousse texture that is as light as air. BBIA has perfected the long-lasting formula while maintaining a vivid color. The goal is to get that gorgeous shine with a single touch. Available in 10 soft colors.


"New brands like these will surprise you."

2. Nature's Superfoods Organic Sun-Dried Figs, Unsweetened & Unsulphured 140g

This sweet delicious fruit is prized for its dense nutrition (rich with fiber, copper, vitamin B6, potassium, phenolic antioxidants) and regarded as a sacred fruit in many ancient cultures.

Figs are native to the Middle East and the Mediterranean and were held in such high regard by the Greeks that laws were once created to prevent their export. When figs are dried, their health benefits increase; dried figs have higher antioxidant activity and mineral content than fresh figs.

A fruit this good, you don't need to overcomplicate it.

3. Philips GC420 Compact Touch Compact Garment Steamer

Powerful continuous steam is blown through the nozzles, enabling you to remove creases with only a few strokes

The steam is released only when the steam trigger is pressed giving you total control and helps using water efficiently.

The compact integrated design with cover provides enough space to store all the parts including the power cord and the hose inside the base, protecting against dust and helps to keep your home neat and tidy.

Easy garment hanger accessory lets you hang your garments on a door while steaming.

600 ml large water tank creates enough steam for steaming up to 30 mins.

Permanent anti-calc solution delays the formation of scale builds up ensuring better protection for your steamer.

"This device has been so handy and i love how it is so compact."
Alyse Wiu - Graphic Designer and Web Master


Alyse would relate closely to Buttercup. She is vocal, outspoken and unafraid to express her ideas and opinion. Her hair is just as creative and wacky as her personality. She is constantly curious about the different ways we can live a more sustainable lifestyle and would influence those around her to follow. Although, if you wave a celery stick in front of her, she would be just as passionate to keep her distance.


1. Great British Crisp

Ever wonder what the United Kingdom would taste like in crisps? Maybe you didn't but you do now. Imagine, The English Breakfast, Tikka Masala, Fish and Chips and more! The Great British Crisp Company has been created by an award-winning British Bakery, recognized as one of the nation’s leading craft bakeries.

Each crisp is hand cooked in small batches in sunflower oil and season them with Britain’s finest natural ingredients. Rest assured that they are free from MSG, Hydrogenated fat, artificial colors & Flavouring and Gluten.

"Potato chips are my biggest weakness! The best part about these British Crisps – they don't sell you half a bag of air."

2. Metal Straw Set/ Stainless Steel Straw Set

Plastic straws are made in 10 minutes, used in 20 and remain on Earth forever since as they are not biodegradable. Plastics are so yesterday so switch to an environmentally friendly reusable straw!

These are perfectly safe to use, BPA free and dishwasher safe. Rest assured, these straws are made of 304 food grade stainless steel.

"I have gotten 4-5 people in the office to get this with me. Only 7 more to go."

3. Tangle Angel Xtreme Comb

Tangle Angel Xtreme Detangling Brush Fuchsia & Black is an innovative new design for longer, thicker hair.

Using the same technology as previous Tangle Angels, scientifically sculptured longer denser bristles on Xtreme Detangling Brush Fuchsia & Black helps to combat knots and tangles from hair extensions to artificial hair and wefts & weaves to Afro Caribbean hair. Xtreme Detangling Brush Fuchsia & Black glides through both wet and dry hair and is so soft that it doesn't tug or pull the hair making it suitable for both children and adults.

Beautifully designed, Xtreme Detangling Brush Fuchsia & Black has an extra-large head providing wider coverage. Heat resistant bristles retain their shape even under the intense heat generated by hair dryers and full bristle height is maintained in the contoured base meaning no reduction in performance once the hair is detangled leaving your hair feeling silky smooth.

"I cannot emphasise this more, but this brush has been a life (hair) saver. Psst, I even have 3 in different sizes!"
Goh Hai Ching - Account Assistant


Hai Ching carries her self very firmly, much like Blossom. She emphasizes on order and organization and would chase everyone for proper documentation. She likes to joke with a slight narcissistic tone but deep down she is super caring towards every team member. In her own sassy way, she never fails to carry that bubbly energy with every interaction.

1. Memebox X PONY Blossom Lip Color

This 4-piece lipstick collection features bold reds and romantic pink blossom hues to satisfy your girly desires. Richly pigmented lipstick has a semi-matte to a glossy finish that is not overly drying. Formulated with white flower complex, honey, and shea butter to keep your lips hydrated and supple.

"This has so far been one of my favourite colour pigments and formula."

2. World Snack Tao Kae Noi Seaweed, Buy more than 3 for $3.10 each

Tao Kae Noi seaweeds are made from high-quality seaweed and processed through the finest technology to preserve the wholesome goodness of seaweed. Suitable for Vegetarian and Halal certified.

Available in 10 different varieties, you are sure to be spoilt for choice.

"You can never go wrong with these as a snack."

3. Sonicgear Pandora Halo 2

What is life without music? Enjoy 3 hours of continuous playback music anytime, anywhere with the Sonic Gear Pandora Halo 2 Bluetooth Speaker.

Key Features

  • 60% Volume.

  • Rechargeable battery.

  • Built-in TF card slot.

  • Impedance: 4 Ω.

  • Battery: 800mAh, 3.7V.

"This little speaker is so easy to carry around, i love it."

This GSS season, we at Aladdin Street Singapore would like to really introduce ourselves through our favorite purchases and best deals! We believe that one's purchase is a reflection of their personality. Watch to us talk about ourselves and review some of these items over in our Instagram account at @aladdinstreetsg.

Limited period promotion. Use the Promo Code: "GREAT28" for $5 off min. $20 for even greater value for your money. Check out Shanice, Alyse and Hai Ching's full list!

Know any of us personally? Comment below! We would love to hear your thoughts about what you think about our purchases.

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