Nov 23 , 2018


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The Korean Beauty Secret to Flawless Skin

Written by Cynthia Sim

The Korean beauty culture focuses on how to eat, wash and care for your skin, specifically skin preservation methods and techniques. Koreans are adventurous when it comes to their skincare — think base ingredients such as snail cream, bee pollen, cheese, egg and sheep oil, and pearl powder and extracts. What’s more? Products containing these ingredients fly off the shelves.

Here is a step by step guide that cannot go wrong!

Step 1: Oil Cleanser

Product Shown: BBIA Soft Gentle Lip & Eye Makeup Remover


First thing, remove all makeup products from your skin. Pick an oil cleanser and apply it all over your face and neck. Make sure you cover the lip and eye area. Massage the cleanser gently into the skin, then dab some warm water on it.

Massage the wet skin and rinse it. The process melts the debris on your face and makes the skin clean and fresh. It gets rid of the makeup and dust that has accumulated on your face over the period of the day. The oil will melt the makeup off your skin, leaving it cleansed.

Step 2: Water-Based Cleanser

Product Shown: BAEGAYUL Peony Cleansing Foam


Wet your skin, apply the water-based cleanser, and gently massage it in a circular motion. Rinse it off with water. After this, your skin will be squeaky clean without a hint of dirt. The water-based cleanser removes any remaining residue from the skin.

Water-based cleansers either come in foam or gel-based forms. They remove the impurities that the oil cleansers have missed and cleanse the skin completely.

Step 3: Exfoliate and Steam

Product Shown: La Vie En Rose - Face Cream Scrub


You need to remove the topmost layer of dead skin cells to reveal bright and polished skin. Scrubbing off dead skin cells helps skin care products to work on your skin thoroughly. Exfoliation clears pores and makes skin smoother and more radiant.

The microbeads in exfoliators help in removing dead skin cells. It makes your skin look flawless and helps your makeup to go on your skin much more smoothly.

Wet your skin and apply the exfoliant. Gently scrub it on your skin in circular motions and wash it off. You do not have to rub your face with an exfoliant every day. Use it three times a week if you have non-sensitive skin and twice a week if your skin is sensitive.

Step 4: Toner

Product Shown: Naveen Rose Revitalizing Toner


Toners refresh the skin and prep it to absorb the next product(s) well. They also balance the pH level of the skin. Toners balance the moisture levels of your skin and also remove any remote impurities that the cleansers might have missed.

Apply the toner on your face with your fingertips or dab it on your skin with cotton swabs. Massage in an outward motion – away from your nose, towards the ears.

Step 5: Use Essence

Product Shown: Daisha Bio Shield Serum


Many modern Korean women feel that essences are the key to sealing in all the goodies of your daily cleansing. Essences are mild, skin nutrient-filled solutions (not toners) that hydrate your skin and are applied after cleansing. The next step is to add a serum, and then you can add your moisturizer for maximum skin elasticity and hydration.

Step 6: Skin Treatments

Product Shown: Dermatix Ultra Scar Treatment Gel


When you have dark spots, uneven skin, pigmentation or any other specific skin issue, it is best to treat your skin accordingly.  Choose among serums, ampoules, and boosters to help repair the skin and get rid of blemishes.

These treatments target the problem areas and combat skin issues like acne, wrinkles, large pores, and dull skin. They address the skin concern immediately and tackle it.

Take some of the treatment product on your fingertips and gently dab it onto your problem areas. Massage gently. They are perfect for solving skin issues.

Step 7: Pamper with Sheet Mask

Product Shown: April Skin Mummy Mud Mask


Sheet masks are thin, face-shaped, one-time-use masks that are packed with various essences and serums. You drape it over your face for 20 minutes (the time frame is very important because if you leave it on for too long, it will take on an adverse effect.)

Follow this rule of thumb: Keep it on long enough to transfer the goodies and moisture onto your skin before the mask dries out. Otherwise, it will suck the moisture back from the skin.

Step 8: Apply Eye Cream

Product Shown: Kahina Eye Serum and Night Cream Bundle


Now let’s focus on the eyes – the windows to the soul. Dab on some eye cream nightly, even if you think you don’t need it. It’s preventative, and your 57-year-old self will thank your 23-year-old self. Emulsion comes next, which is a liquidy lotion kind of thing.

Step 9: Moisturize

Product Shown: Daisha Lighton Cream


Moisturizer or a face oil hydrates the skin by sealing in moisture. It makes your skin supple and soft. Make sure you choose a moisturizer that suits your skin type and use it regularly. It could be a gel, lotion or cream – whatever works best for you.

Use a moisturizer every day, once in the morning and once at night. Rub in some moisturizer on your hands and massage it into your skin.

Step 10: Protect with Sunscreen

Product Shown: LUMINIS Restful Daily Sun Block


Sunscreen with a good SPF is a must, especially if you are stepping out during the day. It prevents premature aging and protects you from skin cancer. Sunscreen shields your skin from the harmful UV rays of the skin and protects it from tanning, pigmentation, and dark spots.

Use sunscreen every day in the morning before you go out and make sure it is the final product that you use on your skin to avoid dilution of products and weakening the effect of the SPF.

Bonus Tips

1. Include plenty of lentils, fruits, vegetables, and nuts in your diet.

2. Go to bed by 10 pm. The time between 10 pm to 2 am is considered the best time to rest and rejuvenate the skin.3. Stay active and exercise regularly.4. Drink Barley Tea. It is rich in antioxidants and one study showed that drinking it can improve blood circulation.5. Have a positive outlook towards life.6. Avoid stress and be calm and happy.7. Practice mouth stretches. Many swear this trick improves circulation and brightens skin tone. For more skincare promotions, check out our website!

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