Dec 14 , 2018


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Pay Attention to your Elderly

Written by Cynthia Sim

When caring for the elderly, there are a number of important things you have to take into consideration. As well as the possibility of nursing home care and long-term care, there is an increase in the number of older people who have complex needs. There is also an increase in the amount of home support given to older people.

Old age is a sensitive phase; elderly people need care and comfort to lead a healthy life without worries and anxiety. Lack of awareness regarding the changing behavioral patterns in elderly people at home leads to abuse of them by their kin. Hence this article deals with the issues that affect the lives of senior citizens and further complicate into major physiological and psychological problems. Elders suffering from cognitive challenges' undergo serious personality changes; at this point, they need care and attention. When they are left unattended, most of them are gripped with overwhelming feelings of dejection, purposelessness; some of them even turn violent. Regardless of the fact that many of us know that aging is a natural progression and it has its own shortcoming, most of us tend to ignore this and resort to an unruly approach.

All these stages have their very own issues and troubles. As each level passes the physical strength deteriorates as well as the mental stability lessens. In Singapore, there will be 806,000 people under 15 years old and 1.8 million people who are aged 65 years or older - making up about 28 percent of the total population. Since age progresses, various medical issues happen, some of the particularly known diseases usually are blood pressure, diabetes, heart failure issues, arthritis, cancer malignancy, joint pains, tuberculosis, as well as kidney infections.

It's just not the disease that affects old age; there are various other issues that govern the downfall of the health of the old people. One of the main issues is the negligence of the younger generation. Old people need supervision, the laxity to understand the needs and worries of elders make them appear strangers to the younger generation, who later regard them as a burden.

Old people are subject to abuse from family members over a property dispute, some of them are even forced to sell their belongings and live in penury till death. Many of them are too scared to express themselves or fear being humiliated by their loved ones.

Elders desire a life with good health, dignity, economic independence and finally a peaceful death. They long for care, love, and affection. Understanding their needs and concerns will ensure their good health. Lending emotional support to the elders keep them jovial, which is inevitably the ideal way to live a healthy life. However, for many people, providing care and attention to elders is not possible due to work priorities.


Help Them Stay Active

Consider encouraging them to go around town or just find need some new ideas of activities to try. Health experts advise that regular exercise for the elderly offers great benefits, including extending lifespan. According to the National Institute for Ageing, exercise is good for people of any age and can ease symptoms of many chronic conditions. And contrary to popular belief, weakness and poor balance are actually linked to inactivity, rather than age.

Exercise is an effective remedy for many chronic conditions. Studies show that people with arthritis, heart disease, or diabetes benefit from the regular activity. It can also help in the management of high cholesterol; keeping cholesterol levels within a healthy range can help to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Medical Assistance on Your Schedule

In addition, having an injury, being sick or suffering from an ongoing condition isn’t the end of the road. Services can be in your home, in a hospital, or in a retirement home. You can retain a happy, comfortable lifestyle. Singapore will continue to ramp up its healthcare capabilities to meet the expected rise in demand from an aging population.

Environmental health issues will also continue to be of concern - as they have been every year for decades. Aside from the perennial dengue and haze problems, there are also international outbreaks like Ebola and Mers to guard against. One foundation has already been laid with the launch of MediShield Life last November. It provides people with hospital insurance coverage from birth to death. This year should see the launch of the "standard B1 plan" that will apply to all the five insurers which offer schemes pegged at private rates, that integrate the basic MediShield Life plan which is meant to cover subsidized care.

Some of these centers will offer home care services to senior residents living nearby. More of this can be expected in the future to make it easier for the frail elderly to continue living at home.


We may not think about it too much but they need us just as much as we needed them growing up. As much as they do not express it, it is important to keep them in mind and provide them just as much attention as we have received from them growing up. Check out below for our latest addition to Aladdin Street that can help provide you some peace of mind.

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