Essential Baby Care Products For First Time Parents

Apr 04 , 2018


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Essential Baby Care Products For First Time Parents

With a baby arriving soon, first-time parents are often frazzled by the demands of looking after a newborn.

Written by Junru Tan.

The very act of taking care of a baby can be draining on many levels and it begins way before the infant is even born. There are many things to consider and shopping for the newborn essentials is important. From setting up the nursery to gathering the gear for sleeping, eating and diapering, it’s easy to lose track of your spending budget and nursery space.

So, where do you start and exactly which baby necessities do you need? Read on for a beginner’s guide.

1) For Dressing

There’s nothing cuter than tiny clothes. Rather than going overboard with fanciful outfits, pick clothing that is practical, comfortable and cosy for the newborn.

2) For Bedtime

Decorating a room can be lots of fun and a nursery calls for adorable ornaments and trinkets. However, it’s important to equip the room with essential products to make infant care easier and safer.

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3) For Nappy Change

Diaper change can be daunting to some–but trust us when we say you will get the hang of it soon enough. Having everything ready nearby for those first few times will make it easier.

4) For Bath Time

Bath time can be tons of fun (after you get the hand of a slippery baby). Prevent mishaps and keep the little tots entertain by preparing essential items.

5) For Feeding

You will be feeding your baby around the clock. No matter which method you chose–breastfeeding or bottle-feeding–you are going to need the right tools. Having the proper gear will make the process comfortable and easier.

6) For Health

Baby needs the occasional grooming too. If the newborn happens to fall ill, you will want the essential baby care items ready on hand.

7) For Out & About

Taking a walk with the baby or getting ready for mealtime require certain key baby gear ready to go. Many strollers are suitable from birth, and if it gets too overwhelmed, pop into specialised stories for advice.

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