Nov 12 , 2018


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4 Colors you need in your Wardrobe

Written by Cynthia Sim

Colour can be a cruel mistress. Most of us know that we could stand to win some serious style points by giving colors outside our comfort zone ago, but finding hues that work with your complexion is often easier said than done. Our safe colors are typically Black, Grey, and Navy but it is about time that understands what other colors compliment your skin tone and see how far you can push your style.

First, we need to identify where we stand with out skin tones. Lets keep it simple with just 3 types. Below is the chart for your reference.


1. Maroon/Wine

Respect to you for going in this direction, as any red is a brash color. Though most fair-skinned people can’t pull this off, those with dark hair and eyes can turn this into a stunning look, particularly paired with black. Individuals with medium skin should go for lighter hues so as to avoid looking too ruddy, people who are deeply tanned or dark tend to give this a sense of gravity that can be a breath of fresh air in a boardroom.

2. Royal Blue

The lighter world of blue is a revelation for those who are darker complected, while it absolutely causes the veins in the fair-skinned to stand out like they’re laying on a slab. Blue also works well with olive skin tones for a decidedly Mediterranean feel, that’s best for adding a sense of playfulness.

3. Yellow/Daisy

Yellow is a statement color that needs to be used sparingly and anchored with neutrals. With this in mind, always look to control the use of the hue with surrounding pieces in white, blue, grey, beige and charcoal. Those with olive skin should avoid anything too close to their skin color or risk blending in with their clothing. While darker skin types will be able to pull off everything from corn flour to canary yellow, pale men need to be slightly more cautious. If this applies to you, try darker hues like mustard and gold, which should help lift your complexion.

4. Purple

The easiest way to wear purple is to use it sparingly as an accent – wearing it head-to-toe just screams Batman villain. It teams extremely well with beige, grey, and shades of blue, from sky and ducks egg to cobalt and teal. Providing you opt for a shade that’s either a little brighter or darker than the middle ground, like magenta, purple works best on those with olive or medium skin tones.

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